Retirement Strategies

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Maintaining or even improving your standard of living when it comes time to retire may seem like a daunting and difficult quest but with the right retirement strategy tailored specifically for you from Diamond Financial, you could achieve the lifestyle you are aiming for. There are various options available depending on your circumstances.

  • ​Exit strategies – Unless you’re the type of driven entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ the chances are you got into business for the lifestyle it could give you – after many years of blood sweat and tears of course. If so you may already have an exit strategy in mind which will allow you to leave the business at some point in the future and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Whether you have or you haven’t, give Diamond Financial a call and discuss your plans and ambitions with us. We would love to help you achieve them

  • Pension provision – Do you currently have a pension in place and if so, is it the right one to meet your needs? And, if you’re a business owner, are you aware of all the benefits open to you to help your retirement strategy?

  • Savings and investments – What is your investment portfolio like? Do you have the right balance between savings and investments to minimise risks and ensure you have the best return?

  • Life assurance and long term care - Do you have adequate life assurance in place and is there a provision in place for long term care?

To put the right strategy in place for your retirement call Diamond Financial

For further details on how Diamond Financial can help you plan a strategy for a long and happy retirement call us now. Dial 0131 222 9680 if you live in Edinburgh or the Lothians, or call our Duns office on 01361 884466 if you live in the Borders.

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