Estate Planning

We all hope that we’ll live to a ripe old age but, what if the unthinkable happens and your life is cut short? Do you have a will prepared and the necessary Estate Planning in place to make sure your family is taken care of and will reap the benefits of everything you’ve worked for? Or is planning your estate something you keep putting off?

Have you thought about making sure that you and your spouse will be taken care of financially in later years, or are you just too busy to deal with that right now? Planning for your future and the future of your loved ones takes real foresight and a thorough understanding of the tax regime. However, it also takes a decision by you that you’ll take that first step to get the ball rolling. Make that decision and call Diamond Financial now. Diamond Financial, Chartered Certified Accountants are experts in discreet estate planning. Should anything happen to you, we will ensure that your beneficiaries are awarded the maximum inheritance they are legally entitled to and no more tax goes to the Government than is absolutely necessary. We can also help you put aside adequate provision so you and your spouse can live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted in later years. Here are just some of the areas we cover;

  • Help with reviewing and drawing up your will

  • Making full use of lower tax rates and exemptions on lifetime transfers

  • Optimising lifetime transfers between spouses

  • Transferring agricultural or business property

  • Transferring assets into trust

  • Arranging adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities

For more information on Estate Planning contact Diamond Financial now

If you haven’t yet planned your estate and would like to find out more through an informal but discreet discussion then call Diamond Financial now on 0131 222 9680. Or, if you live in the Borders, call our Duns office on 01361 884466.  

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